At A.H.I., we love old school American Muscle Cars. Below is a gallery of some favorites that we have restored and sold.



There are three options when it comes to our muscle cars: Buy, Sell and Restore


Picture yourself in a uniquely American power car that you don't see on the street every day. Seems like everywhere you look there's a new Camaro, Mustang or Challenger. Make a bold statement with one of the originals instead! Check out our collection of vehicles that are currently available below. 


If you have an old muscle car sitting in your garage, or parked at your parents place collecting dust anywhere in the continental United States, please let us know! We are interested in paying you for these old cars so we can restore them to their intended beauty and functionality.


Maybe you have a muscle car that you can't bear to part with, but it's not in optimal or driveable condition. We'd love to help. Let A.H.I. make your vehicle glorious once again so you can it back out on the road in top shape!

If you are interested in more information about purchasing, selling or restoring a vehicle, please let us know below. You can also go to our "contact us" page to call us directly. 

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